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3Arts Bookbinding Scholarship

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Performing Negotiations: A Showcase of Performance Art Hosted at North Branch Projects
September 28, 2012

Deadline for Submission: August 31, 2012
Curated by Amy Sinclair and Millicent Bradleigh

How do we negotiate? Or use performance to negotiate? How does performance present an argument? Is a Performance a dialog or a declaration? Is performance a negotiation with the audiences, a culture or with your own ideas? How do you find yourself negotiating with a person of a different neighborhood, culture, or circumstance? How do we benefit from negotiation?

These are the questions that we are looking to explore through a night of performance art hosted at North Branch Projects.

Performances involving the Book Arts, and work that engages the audience and the community of Albany Park are preferred. For their continuity with the mission of North Branch, proposals that engage the theme in alternative ways will also be considered. Performances can be staged for anywhere from a few minutes to a night-long durational piece.

North Branch Projects is an independently run project space located in Albany Park, Chicago, IL, that serves as a community bookbinding facility. The space provides an outlet for exploring the creative process in a neighborhood where few resources for the arts exist.

To submit a performance for consideration please include in an email to all of the following:

  • CV or resumé
  • Proposal of performance
  • Materials, and estimated time and space needed
  • Web/press links Or other documentation of previous performances

available for use:

  • storefront with large windows, performances can extend to sidewalk
  • gallery space
  • bookbinding space with large table
  • projector and blank wall to project
  • 17” screen with headphones,
  • microphone and large movable speaker
  • small kitchen area