Onion Box

4″ x 4″ x 2″
altered print, fabric box, jar, onion skin, burlap.

Deconstructing cliche metaphors of peeling the layers off an onion. This piece functions as an extension of the (do you really want) To Know Your Onion performance (in progress)

Individuals may open and close the box to view contents. I am interested in deconstructing the cliche metaphor of peeling the layers off an onion. Unpacking traumatic events that occurred in our pasts can be a painful experience. The onion’s ability to make our eyes water as a physiological rather than an emotional reaction interests me, because it appears as though we are crying. Fears are often fueled by traumatic experiences, but the attribution to the cause are often misplaced.  After time has passed, painful experiences are not as painful. We may feel sentimental; not about the experience itself, but because we realize our personal development. The onions peel crushed up, is reminiscent of glitter. Presented in this way, the onion skins become an object of sentimentality.