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Box to house video played from an iPhone



According to Greek mythology Erebus is the personification of darkness. Erebus, Annie’s pet Beta fish, is seen only in terms of it’s impression; a reflection of light and shadow. This video is intended to be experienced as a part of an installation piece. In the gallery, a meditative space is arranged. On the center of a table Erebus swims, candles burn, and sentimental objects present interest and calm. Three books noted ‘object’, ‘love’, and ‘produce’ hold anecdotes, meditations, and drawings. I believe it is valuable to pursue understanding through recording in a sketchbook. Participation in adding to the books is respectfully encouraged. Through play we diffuse the authority of singular definitions of words by offering possible definitions. Our intuitions are account of lived experiences and imagination.

Lighttouch, Digital Photograph, October 2012

Lighttouch, Digital Photograph, October 2012

Produce, Digital Image, 20" x 24" , February 15th 2013

Produce, Digital Image, 20″ x 24″ , February 15th 2013


I realize that I am as much like my father as I am not like him. My intention is to actively define ‘fathers’ by recalling our collective experiences. I am interested in the conventions of symbols how they function. I am interested in the common symbolism of ‘father’ with ‘rainbow’ and ‘bridge’ as change, choice and action/non action, and transcendence. This symbolism seems to contradict my experience. I have become aware that my friends, those who I relate to, also have a distance from their father. We feel a distance whether it is because of their passing or having left the family at a young age or neglect due to alcoholism and drug abuse. I intend for this video to be viewed several times. I believe it is best understood by distancing ourselves from it.