These studies were done in the meat department of Costco, with proper health and safety procedures, I attempted to embody my variation of the idea of the artistic practice of Rosa Bonheur. By wearing proper attire and stepping outside of my usual working environment,  I closely observed freshly extruded ground beef in their styrofoam packaging over a period of two weeks. I used various materials to draw abstracted forms. This abstraction furthers the intended conceptual idea. I believe that there is a common habit in American culture to resist awareness of what we consume, specifically we often do not ask critical questions about nutrition; what’s in the food we eat, and where does it come from? The abstraction of ground beef works as an example of this  principle because when the beef is extruded though a machine, it becomes a group of fluctuating strands: ground-beef, and no longer resembles the matter that it originates from. Forming the ground meat into patties and grilling them to be then placed on poppy-seed buns and garnished with desired condiments furthers the separation between the food product and the animal from which it comes from. Denying the origination of this product also denies the process of which is was acquired, which is often traumatic and cruel, and without regard to social, environmental, and other related consequences.

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